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BSA Unit Singles Archive


This archive contains technical and promotional material published by BSA. More than 3000 pages of BSA unit single information can be downloaded for free. All content presented here are scans from original BSA printed materials and should therefore be free of copyrights. In fact most of the information presented here, especially the spares manuals, are freely copied and sold by most BSA spares suppliers.


We have endeavored to procure as many BSA published original spares books, owner’s manuals and repair manuals as possible for BSA unit singles. We believe that there are copies of every published spares books starting with the 1959 C15 and running up to the last unit single manufactured by BSA, the 1973 B50MX. If there are other things we have missed we would happily accept a high quality scan to post here for use by others. We should qualify all the above by saying that our focus has been entirely on BSA’s English language publications.


The material listed here is explicitly for non-commercial use and is not intended to be reproduced and sold for financial or material gain by anyone. The concept for this resource is the superb AJS and Matchless Archives known as "Christian's Archives".




BSA Unit Single Promotional Materials


BSA Unit Single Factory Service Manuals, Owners Manuals & Technical Information


BSA Unit Single Spares Manuals


BSA Unit Single Product Technical Information Sheets



Models we have parts for: C15 Star, C15T Trials, C15S Scrambler, C15SS Sport Star, C15 Pastoral, C15 Starfire, C15 Roadster, B40 Star, B40SS Sport Star, B40 Enduro Star,B40 Roughrider, WDB40, BSA 441,B44GP Grand Prix, B44 Enduro, B44 Victor, B44 Victor Special, B44 Roadster, C25 Barracuda, B25 Starfire, B25 Fleetstar, B44 Shooting Star, B25T, B25SS, B50SS, B50T Trail, B50MX, TR25W Trophy, T25T