My Cart Policies

Various Policies:

Privacy Policy: Customer information gathered in the course of doing business shall not be shared or sold to other organizations or individuals. It is strictly for the use of BSA Unit Singles LLC.


Shipping Cost calculation & insurance: All shipments are insured. Insurance rates vary depending on the shipping method. Calculation of insurance is not done in the on line rate calculator, that is way too complex. Sometimes this may result in upward adjustments in the shipping cost to cover insurance.

UPS not only calculates pricing based on weights and shipping zones but also on dimensional weight. Dimensional weight is a calculation based on the size of the parcel and what UPS has decided should be the “true weight” of the shipment. Meaning they think they should charge more for larger light weight items. These dimensional charges are very difficult to anticipate as it depends on the various items on an order. Not just their aggregate weight but how they pack up together. This also may result in adjustments in the shipping charge when readying for shipment.

International shipments are very weight sensitive as the cost per pound can be significant. The first priority for packing for international transit is to protect the items shipped. The next is not to over pack with more weight than necessary for safe transit. Packing weights are most difficult to anticipate inside the online rate calculator as it depends on the items sizes and how multiple items pack together. On larger orders a couple pounds of difference can easily result in a $ 20 difference from what the online calculator charged. Minor billing adjustments will be made when necessary. Customers will be contacted if the final price including shipping is more than $10 as charged on the order placed.

Light weight International shipments may be overcharged on the online calculator, especially if International Priority Mail has been chosen rather than International First Class (when applicable). Refunds will be automatically made where there is a significant difference.

Refund Policy: Returns can be made with permission. Either credit or a refund can be made. Shipping expenses can be refunded or credited for defective product returns. Returns for incorrectly ordered or unwanted items will not get shipping credited and may be charged a 10% restocking fee. Credit will not be given for items that have been used or mounted.



Models we have parts for: C15 Star, C15T Trials, C15S Scrambler, C15SS Sport Star, C15 Pastoral, C15 Starfire, C15 Roadster, B40 Star, B40SS Sport Star, B40 Enduro Star,B40 Roughrider, WDB40, BSA 441,B44GP Grand Prix, B44 Enduro, B44 Victor, B44 Victor Special, B44 Roadster, C25 Barracuda, B25 Starfire, B25 Fleetstar, B44 Shooting Star, B25T, B25SS, B50SS, B50T Trail, B50MX, TR25W Trophy, T25T