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Quantity: Price: $1,050.00

1967 B44R cases rebuilt (but never finished) over 20 years ago and never installed or run. New bearings were installed. Standard bore cylinder with new piston. The bore was honed and shows unevenness. Needs to be measured, perhaps taken out to +.010. Head rebuilt with new valves and guides. Rocker box nice condition. Three stud iron oil pump installed, B50 mainshaft installed with B50 ratchet and kick quad along with a B50 inner timing cover, outer timing cover and vented primary cover. Dogs on gear teeth in very good condition. Five plate B50 clutch installed. New primary chain. Clutch appears to have used plates and springs in it and the stator and rotor are used. Rotor strength is unknown. No points or AAU in points cavity. Ignition choices are up to buyer.

The motor was dismantled for inspection so it could be determined what condition it was in. The big surprise was that it was a mostly rebuilt motor with many upgrades and that it had never been used. It appears that the big end has been apart but unknown when. Unknown if sludge trap was cleaned. Lubricant used as assembly lube on cam and lifters was partially set up and cleaned off. The sealer and gaskets used on the long ago assembly of the cases were crispy. All the joint surfaces were cleaned. The cases, covers, head, cylinder and rocker box were all run through a 5 gallon ultrasonic cleaner. After inspection the motor was loosely re-assembled, meaning surfaces not sealed and nuts and screws not torqued to spec. Motor needs all new oil seals and gaskets. Upon assembly it was noted that when the timing cover is tightened to the cases the crank locks up (won't turn). This is probably relatred to some minor interference (a few thousands) as when the cover is loosened the crank turns freely. This will be up to the new owner to fiddle with. Thought is that it might be related to the cam pinion thickenss as the B50 outer timing cover worked with a thinner cam pinion and shorter camshaft thsn the one installed.


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